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Industrial boiler PCVS
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Boiler & Piping Specialist since 1936

The Company PCVS (VALLET-SIMON production of boilermaking) Boilermaking – Pipingexistssince the creation of the chemicalvalley in the 1900’s

The wide range of our competences in-house, associated with a recognized know-how to our customers –we have witnessed their loyalty for many years- allow us to guide you today in every project in the field of chemistry, petrochemicals, nuclear, pharmaceutical and stationery…
The design and details studies, boilermaking, Skids, the manufacture and assembly of industrial piping and Process, turnkey units as solution provider – system integrator are our profession.

Our specialists go with you all along the achievement of your projects. They are here for the starting up and maintenance.

The Company PCVS Boilermaking – Piping is a team made of responsive professionals who are here to satisfy you and answer your requirements in order to bring you a service of quality and go with you in all your industrial challenges

PCVS, Video made in our workshops.

Tubular heat exchanger

Our workshops dedicated to the production of stainless steel thermal heat exchangers are equipped with a high performance machinery park. Tubular heat exchangers – in carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. … – represent our main thermal heat exchanger production…

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Steel Boiler Making

Specialized in carbon steel and stainless steel boiler making, we produce columns with trays, half-pipe coil reactors or double jacket reactors, single and/or double jacket vessels. PCVS society designs and implements pressure equipments…

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Industrial piping

Conceptual designs and execution studies in our Engineering and Design Department (Bureau d’Etudes). From thickness, flow or stress calculations to new works and installations, PCVS is specialized in industrial carbon steel and stainless steel piping.

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Boiler making and industrial piping, our experience and knowledge since 1936