Boiler Exchanger

PCVS society designs and implements pressure equipments, according to codes: ASME, CODAP and EN13445.
Our main achievements are tray columns (or other type of packing) reactor shell or double envelope (with stirrer or not), simple or double envelope tanks and any type of tubular exchangers (simple or double tubesheet, floating-head, AET or AES, U tube…).
We also have many references in clades steels (Weld overlay).

Our workshops stainless steel heat exchangers and are equipped with machinery High Performance

Welding Equipment

  • Girth welding : 4 heads tube on tubesheet
  • 2 Welding column and boom : welding SAW carbon steel
  • Machining and drilling of tubesheet from Ø100 m/m to Ø2500 m/m
  • Welding stations : 141, 111, 131 (clocked)
  • Automatic working center for tube expansion and tube to tubesheet welding in a building dedicated to exchangers

Equipment Handling

  • 7 Overhead cranes : capacity 8, 10 and 20 T
  • Outside access rails : for high tonnage equipment

Miscellaneous equipment

  • Tube expanding machine with electrical control of the torque : From tube Ø8 int. to tube Ø56 int. max
  • Continuous hydraulic machine to remove the weld joints on tubesheet : From tube Ø8 int. mini to tube Ø70 max

Workshops and stockyard

  • 1 Fabrication Shop 700 m² dedicated primarily to the tubular stainless steel construction, steel.