The Company PCVS Chaudronnerie aims at providing to its customers, quality equipments and services, with in the respect of standards, codes, regulations and specific requirements.

Quality, our commitment

Our Quality Policy is to:

Main axis (basic activity)

  • Give confidence and satisfaction to our customers, in the respect of our rules of quality and security while preserving our competitiveness.

Axis to maintain

  • Carry on with, and always improve this image to work in the tidiness and cleanness, with high-performance machines.
  • Preserve a team spirit and a dialogue which contribute to a good reactivity, what makes the strength of a company of our size.

(Evolution and strategic development are treated during the management review in the strategic action plan).

To do it, the company PCVS Chaudronnerie is endowed with a Quality System so that, everyone in the company is aware of his role to reach our objectives.
The present Quality Policy is declined in measurable and quantifiable objectives by process.
As Managing Director, I undertake the Quality Manager functions, in particular to set up and guarantee the application of the arrangements specified in this manual.
This Quality program forms the subject of an awareness of the entire staff on the Quality Manual base.
Periodic checks of application and measurement of achievement of results are realized through audit and various reviews.
I make the obligation to the entire staff of PCVS Chaudronnerie to rigorously apply the directives introduce in this manual.


The quality policy is published for information purposes but the applicable policy can be found in the Quality Manual.